Program your homes daily functions and appliances with a NERO Smart Home. NERO is an affordable, scalable, retrofit and wireless automation solution that allows you to build your dream smart home, one switch at a time.

Built to grow with your household’s needs, NERO seamlessly integrates into your home for added comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. With your smartphone or tablet as the control interface, you can control your home from anywhere in the world.

Available for both iOS and Android, My Nero is the easiest way to access all of your devices directly from your smartphone or tablet. Features include auto-populated list views, ability to toggle between modes and easy set up of scenes, triggers and advanced automation such as geo-fencing.

Whether you are building a new home, or want to add automation to the home you’re already in, Voltron Electrical has a NERO Smart Home automation solution to suit your needs.

Connect up to 230 devices at one time







NERO Smart Home Product Range


Communications Gateway

The NEXUS-NERO is the Communications Gateway that allows all of your connected devices to talk to each other over your home network. Designed to plug directly into your Wi-Fi router, the NEXUS-NERO enables advanced scenes, schedules, triggers, and general device control to be accessed through your smartphone or tablet.

  • Connects up to 60 Devices via NEXUS mesh network
  • Works with Android and IOS devices for remote access

  • Includes Ethernet cable and power supply

  • Access to all Environexus software plug-ins


Retro-Fit Universal Dimmer Module

The NERO-DIM is a small retro-fit 240v module that can be installed behind your existing light switch to provide smart control of your LED Downlights. It offers energy monitoring and variable configuration settings.

  • 0.6 AMP, 230VAC / 24VDC Dimmer

  • Optional temperature sensor

  • Requires Active and Neutral

  • Energy Monitoring of connected load


0-10V Control Dimmer Module

The NERO-10VDIM allows integration of 0-10V controlled devices, including commercial LEDs and some fans. The switch inputs can also read 0-10V data, allowing connection of any 0-10V compatible interface including potentiometers.

  • 0-10V Electronic Dimmer
  • Optional temperature sensor


Retro Fit Dual on/off Relay Module

Similar to the NERO-RELAY, the NERO-2RELAY is a small retro-fit module that can be used to enable on/off control capability of two connected circuits. It offers energy monitoring of both circuits, and variable configuration settings.

  • 4 AMP, 230VAC / 24VDC Relay

  • Optional temperate sensor

  • Requires Active and Neutral

  • Energy Monitoring of connected load


Retro-Fit On/Off Relay Module

The NERO-RELAY is a small retro-fit 240v module that can be used to enable switching of an electrical device, such as lights, fans and appliances. It offers energy monitoring, and variable configuration settings.

  • 10 AMP, 230VAC / 24 VDC Relay

  • Optional temperature sensor

  • Requires Active and Neutral

  • Energy Monitoring of connected load


Retro-Fit Dry Contact Module

The NERO-DRY is a small retro-fit module that provides voltage-free switching of a connected device. It is perfect for applications such as garage doors and door strikes.

  • 10 AMP, 23VAC / 30VDC Relay

  • Optional temperature sensor

  • Voltage Free Switching

  • Does not support Energy Monitoring


Wireless Door Sensor (Open/Close)

The NERO-REED is a slim-line rechargeable battery powered sensor that can be used to detect if a door or window is opened or closed. It includes extremely small magnetic strips to allow for easy installation.

  • Rechargeable Battery (VIA USB)

  • Sensor for Open/Close Activities

  • Small Profile designed for Indoor Use

  • Includes mounting screws and magnetic strips

  • Can be painted to suit install location


Nexus Integrated Alarm System

The NEXUS-SECURE, powered by Paradox is an 8 zone security control panel with built-in access control features. The kit includes Panel, Enclosure, PIR Detectors, Strobe/Siren, Keypad, and NEXUS-COMMS-MODULE for integration with the NERO gateway.

  • Includes Panel and comms module

  • 2 PIR Detectors and keypad

  • External strobe and siren

  • Full metal enclosure and battery backup


Retro-Fit Blind Control Module

The NERO-BLIND is a small retro-fit module used to enable 240v switched motor control of blinds, roller shades and Venetian slats. It offers energy monitoring, auto calibration, and custom blind positioning.

  • 10 AMP, 230VAC Blind Controller

  • Up + Down switch inputs with optional temperature sensor

  • Compatible with all standard 4 core 240V motors

  • Also supports Venetian Blinds


Wireless Multi Sensor

The NERO-MULTI is a multi-purpose battery or USB powered sensor that can monitor temperature, lighting, motion, humidity, UV and vibration. With a 5 meter range and a 120-degree field of view, the NERO-MULTI is a versatile device that can be wall mounted or discretely recessed (optional recessor available).

  • Wireless Sensor, power by USB or batteries (2 x CR123A)

  • Temp, Light, Motion, Humidity, Vibration, UV

  • Designed for Indoor Use only

  • Mounting bracket & USB cable provided



Plug in Relay Switch

The NERO-PLUG is an easy to install smart plug, that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. Perfect for quick installations that require basic on/off control such as outdoor lighting or lamps. It offers energy monitoring and side mount USB charging.

  • 10 AMP, 2400W Relay

  • Side mount USB (1 AMP)

  • Designed for Indoor Use only

  • LED Indicator for Power Consumption

NERO Smart Home

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